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Benefits of Being Single

Some people prefer to stay single because of the advantages they are getting. But good things have disadvantages too. I asked some of my single friends their reasons why they are still single. One of which is the complete freedom to flirt whoever you want and anywhere you want. Because when you’re single, no need for you to feel guilty. After all, you’re totally unattached.

Being single allows you to be more spontaneous in your life. You can make that decision right away without consulting with someone or let that someone decide for you. No one is holding you accountable for your actions. You are in control of the way you spend your time and no need for your partner to know your whereabouts.

Being single gives you control over your money. Yes, it’s true! Why? Because it gives you full financial freedom and you are totally in control of your money. You can buy things for yourself without having to worry that someone will ask you questions why you’re spending money on your purchases.

If you have a good career, your single status lets your focus on your career. You can devote extra time to your work and you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your time and love life. You can make use of your time to impress your boss by delivering projects on time.

All of us have bad habits. So, if you’re single you are giving yourself a favor not to tolerate your partner’s annoying habits. You can now sleep peacefully without hearing your partner snoring or a messy girlfriend who cannot clean the clutters.

Lastly, you have more time for yourself and your family. You’re the boss of your own time. You can decide whom you want to spend your time with. Apart from this, being single means no heartache. Your emotion is stable. It also gives you a chance to know yourself better and assess what you want to accomplish in life.


For Women: How to Make Your First Move


Regardless of gender, making a first move in dating can be difficult. But in our society it is considered poor taste or a forward action if women will do the first move in a relationship. But what if nothing will happen unless you make the first move? So the problem now is how to make the first move without looking desperate.  The first move can be as simple as making sure you end up in the same place at the same time. It doesn’t always have to be physical or verbal contact.


Doing nothing when you are interested to a person is not a good option. What’s important is that you make the move in whatever way you are most comfortable. Make a short research about this person. Know his likes and dislikes that way you won’t be as likely to say something offensive or stupid on the first date. If you have mutual friends, you may want to inquire to people who know him better before making the move to keep you from wasting your time on someone who has traits that you find unacceptable.


If you are confident, it is fine to walk up to him and ask him out. Most men find it attractive and will definitely say yes!  Some women have quite aggressive personalities and for some guys it is a big turn on. If you are afraid of rejection, you may ask your friend to help you in making your first move. That way, if it appears that he’s cheap and not interested, it is easy for you to move on.


Keep in mind that sometimes men are shy and they are also afraid of rejection. If you really like him, wear that confidence and ask him out.


How To Avoid Sex on Your First Date

You went out for a date and the night was great. You didn’t expect you’re hitting it off so well. You both like each other and you started kissing. But whatever you do, never sleep with him. Well some people are interested in casual sex but most of us are looking for something deeper right? Your first date can be electrifying most especially if you met online and have been talking for a while. This may not be applicable to everybody but holding out on the magic act for at least one night will actually improve your sex life, both in the moment and down the line. Why should you avoid first date sex? Watch the video to see what other people think about sex on your first date.

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